New: Pre-cut body tape box

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Apply your body tape in less than 30 seconds!

We have created a new body tape designed to lift, shape and support your breasts in a comfortable and invisible way with a sure second skin effect!

This shell-shaped body tape has been pre-cut for easy application in less than 30 seconds! You will have a supported chest and an effect push up warranty!

Our body tape is waterproof and sweat resistant, so it breathes and stretches with you when you're dancing the night away or dipping in a pool.

Pre-cut body tape is perfect for occasions like Weddings, Holidays, Christmas, New Year's Day, Birthdays, Holidays, or even ordinary days when you don't. just don't feel like wearing a bra.

Wear your most beautiful dresses low neckline, bare back or even sweaters with bare shoulders and tops confidently sexy with our new body tape.

No more bra straps, back pain or red marks left by a bra that is sometimes a little too tight! Opt for our new body tape.

The nude color box contains:
10 cases
10 extras
10 garment adhesives

The black box contains:
10 shells
10 cover- nipples
10 garment adhesives

What are extras for?

The extras are there to provide even more support and create even more of a push-up effect.

How does it work?

- Step 1: Tastine recommends that you do not apply any oils or creams before applying the body tape as it may not stick.

- Step 2: protect your nipples with our nipple shields.

- Step 3: remove the protection from the bottom and stick the body tape on the bottom of your breast.

- Step 4: Lift your breast, stretch your body tape to your desired height.

- Step 5: Be sure to accompany your breast throughout application to avoid creasing.

- Step 6: massage the body tape so that it adheres well to your skin.

- Step 7: let it dry for 30 minutes.

- Step 8: Cut off the excess body tape to adapt it to your outfit.


New: Pre-cut body tape box

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