Tastine sports tape

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What is Tastine Sports Tape?

The Tastine Sport Tape was designed using scientific research to provide increased support for athletic women. This adjustable band has been made with quality materials to ensure unparalleled comfort, performance and fit. Benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduces vertical and lateral movements of the breasts. The ideal solution for all low, medium and high impact activities.

  • The compression provided prevents pain during and after movement-related activities, it also reduces the risk of long-term damage that leads to sagging breasts.

  • Increases comfort, confidence and performance during all sports, fitness and lifestyle activities.

  • Adjustable Velcro provides an optimal fit for all chest sizes.

  • Perfect for running, gym workouts, dance class, yoga, horse riding, combat sports and much more.

    Although it has its roots in the world of medical assistance, the Tastine sports band was developed for modern activities and exercises. It was designed to be worn just above the breasts to avoid any movement. It can be worn with your sports bra, either underneath or over it. The sports bra will provide lift, while the Tastine sports band will provide compression from above to prevent chest movement.

Reusable and machine washable at 30°.

Composition: 41.6% nylon, 20.7% polyester, 37.7% elastomer


Tastine sports tape
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