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Video tutorial by clicking here: 👉🏻 link

1. Test your skin

Cut a small 5cm square piece of tape and apply a test patch to your chest/chest for 12 hours to make sure your skin does not react. Remember that the skin on your breast is different from the rest of your skin

2. Clean and dry your skin

It's super important! Skin that is not clean and dry will be oily and may prevent the adhesive from bonding properly. Please ensure your skin is free of:

Lotions and oils (including moisturizing soaps and body washes that leave a lotion on your skin)
Powders, concealers or makeup products
Perfumes or deodorants
Cool spray tan

3. Measure and Cut

Before you begin, remember that tape stretches! Cutting too large a strip will therefore not support your chest. It is therefore necessary to stretch the cut piece in order to obtain good support.

Cut a strip of the tape that can reach from the base of your breasts to your shoulder or collarbone. You will need 2-3 tapes per breast and remember larger breasts will need more tape to support the heaviest load!

Slowly peel the liner off the tape, making sure it doesn't touch itself or your hands too much. Remember this is a single use product, once the tape touches something it will not re-stick.

4. Lift and stick

Use one hand to lift your breast to your desired height and with your other hand, create an “anchor” by applying the breast tape to the base of your breast. Gently but firmly slide your hand over the tape until you come to the base of the pacifier.

Once the tape is anchored, you can pull the tape up and stick it on your chest securing your breast in place.

Do not put too much tension on the band when pulling up. Excessive tension on the tape can cause the tape to pull excessively on the skin and cause irritation.

Smooth out wrinkles and remember that once it touches the skin, it will no longer stick .

5. Cut

Carefully cut off any excess. Be careful not to lift the tape too much or you won't be able to reattach it to your skin!

How to remove it?

Generously apply coconut oil or moisturizer to the chest band. Let the ribbon soak in the oil for 15 minutes. This will help break down and loosen the adhesive.
Rub the edges of the tape and slowly pull a small wedge at the base of your breasts
Remove the tape gently (do not pull perpendicular to your skin or a 90 degree angle as this may cause irritation or injury.)
Remove the tape slowly, adding more oil under the tape as needed. Don't tear the tape

Precautions for use:

While our products give an incredible boost, they may not be right for everyone. In life, there are always compromises, and for our super sticky body tape, it is not suitable for all skin types.

It is very important that you use Tastine products safely. Failure to do so can lead to rashes, blisters, or extremely irritated skin.

What everyone should know before trying our product:

Do not use our body tape if you have delicate, thin or sensitive skin
Do not use our body tape if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Do not use our body tape for more than 8 hours
Do not use our body tape for two days in a row. Let your skin breathe between uses.